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When it comes to your website, it could seem like one more prerequisite that every business needs to be official. Just check the box and move on. And that’s where we can get into trouble. Your website is not just a blah business necessity, but it is your marketing powerhouse! Done right, it can be your most effective investment.

When you think of how much of your business rides on cultivating new clients, how much value does your website (your online marketing platform) have? It has the power to repel potential customers, confuse them, or convert them. And that means it has a pretty high value!

Because your website have the potential to bring in new clients and enable growth, it is so much more than a line item in a budget. Compared to a mobile phone and data plan, which is a necessary expense, a marketing-based website can actually bring a valuable return on investment and SAVE your business money.


Let’s do the math:

  1. Website hosting- $$$
  2. Email hosting- $
  3. Domain hosting and management- $
  4. Monthly technical maintenance- $$
  5. Monthly design and content edits- $$
  6. Digital marketing consultations- $$
  7.  Digital asset protection- $$$
  8. Confidence and peace of mind knowing that your online presence is representing well and growing your business- $$$$$

With a Scale Up Plan, you could eliminate three separate business expenses (website hosting, email hosting, domain hosting), plus any costs associated with a website designer, website technician, and consulting fees. Wrap that all into one stable, monthly investment and add in the confidence and peace of mind knowing your off-site website design team has it covered. Plus, it makes your budget happy, with no surprises and up-front pricing.

At Scale Up, it’s our mission to help you continue to build your brand and grow your business, primarily through an amazing online experience for your potential clients.

Interested in learning more about which Scale Up plan will best fit your growing business? Contact us to schedule a discovery call or get started with a plan today!

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