your fully outsourced, marketing driven WEBSITE department.

Comprehensive website design and management that frees you up to focus on what only YOU can do.



Tired of Do-it-yourself solutions

Have you felt frustrated with a DIY website solutions that look underwhelming? Does your online presence negatively impact your brand? Or maybe it’s time for a redesign and you’re wondering which of the many online platforms to choose…

Feeling stuck without Tech Support

Have you felt stuck with no technical support to assist when problems arise? Unless you have an in-house IT manager, it’s invaluable to have help with the techy issues that inevitably arise.

Wasting Limited Time

It can be a struggle to keep a website looking professional when you’re wearing all the hats it takes to run your business. Are you wasting time that you don’t have to update your website?

The Online Marketing Struggle

It’s hard to keep up with all the latest online marketing tools. But a lot is at stake! Is your website missing out on lead conversions once visitors come to your site? Are your marketing efforts having a dissappointing ROI?


Stop trying to do it all, and SCALE UP your website! Trade the stress and wasted time for a website management service that helps you reach your next goals. Scale Up Website Design & Management brings you on-point brand representation, a lead converting marketing platform, and dedicated site management.

Scale Up makes it possible to

Have a professional website you love and that actually converts.

Lead Converting

With your online marketing foundation that’s strategically integrated to convert leads, you’ll cultivate connections and future clients.

fully customized

Gone are the days of DIY projects gone wrong. Scale Up’s professional design services keep you confident about your online presence.

dedicated support

With a trusted web person as backup, you’re never stuck without help, whether it’s a client support need or adding a featured promotion.

Brand Building

To maintain growth, you need on-point brand representation and an online platform that works for you. We’ve got you covered.

comprehensive care

Dedicated site management means that you can offload your domain, email and website stresses, and focus on other things. 


Start with the features you need, and add more as your business grows. Expanding to add e-commerce or scheduling? No problem!


professional, done-for-you WEBSITE with a custom feel


Business-grade marketing platform

With the WordPress foundation, which is the industry standard for business-grade websites, your site is built on highest rated platform for SEO- not to mention the dominant e-commerce solution (source). Its market share continues to increase, maintaining a growing community of developers as well as the largest market share of website Content Management Systems (CMS).

Strategically Planned: We consider the website’s goals and needs, and then determine sitemap, page layout, calls to action, and functionality.

Professionally Designed: Scale Up websites include a completely customized business-grade website with professional, modern design that converts visitors into new leads. Also included: a personalized brand style guide for maximizing your online impact.

SEO Ready: You need a website that works for you- not against you. Scale up websites are confirmed by Google’s mobile-friendly test and include on-page SEO with keywords, titles and metadata included.

Limitless Features: Promote your business’s services and/or portfolio, include landing pages for special promotions, and if desired create blog resources for your followers. Add on custom functionality, such as e-commerce, subscriptions, booking, event ticket sales, and more.

Pre-Launch Necessities: Google sitemap submission and indexing is crucial to being found. We take care of this, too!

Video training resources are included for updating your site, or save time and have our team handle that for you!



Your lead-generating website will be structured to cultivate leads, develop connections and deliver quality resources to grow your audience. 

Functionality includes industry-specific forms, social media integration and sharing, email marketing integration, reviews/testimonials, and more.

Easily track your business’ online marketing with Google Analytics and Search Console integration, plus the option of monthly analytics reports.

Additional options, such as embedding your client management tools/preferred software or connecting the Facebook marketing pixel, are available.


Fully Managed Hosting & Maintenance

What’s included? Everything you need to make your website work. 

Domain Hosting: Free custom domain and management.

Website Hosting: Managed WordPress hosting includes enhanced security with SSL, weekly technical maintenance, daily backups, site optimization and regular security scans.

Email Hosting: Professional email accounts ( with up to five included accounts, management and support.


All Plans Include:


Scale Up’s premium, fully managed monthly Hosting and Maintenance Plan- everything you need to be live and optimized!

Dedicated project manager

Managed Word-Press specific website hosting and technical maintenance,  including SSL, daily backups, security scans, weekly technical upgrades of plugins and themes, and site optimization.

Professional email accounts ( with customer support  (email account migration fees may apply).

Domain management is included; domain hosting fee is separate, but no transfer fee if you choose add domain hosting.

Customer support via phone or email


Brand Identity Formation: Style guide creation with typography and color palette consult

Storytelling-style brand messaging assistance, and curated stock images

Fully customized, professionally designed, business grade website based on chosen design with options for regular design/content updates


Build an online platform with virtually unlimited capability for integration and expansion! 

Google Optimized: On-page SEO, Google Analytics and Search Console integrated, and mobile friendly

Lead generation Focused: Book the client or the appointment, persuade a new client for a high dollar service, and cultivate new connections

Strategic Digital Marketing Foundation: Customized forms, email marketing and social media integration, reviews, blogging, booking and scheduling embeds, Facebook pixel setup

Premium Add-ons: E-commerce, email marketing set-up, donations/sponsorships, podcasting, events, real estate and more!


Choose a Plan


Fully customized, professionally designed, business grade website based on chosen design with up to 8 pages; Eligible for $0.00 full site redesign (or equivalent upgrades) after (2) 18-month terms 

Content and design updates: 30 minutes per quarter

Premium Add-Ons Avaialable


Website design and management | Monthly subscription with 18-month term.


$149 Set Up Fee


Fully customized, professionally designed, business grade website based on chosen design, with up to 15 pages and blog functionality; Eligible for choice of $0.00 site redesign (or credit toward equivalent upgrades) after (2) 18-month terms

Content, design and/or functionality updates: 30 minutes per month (add blog posts, reviews, promotional features, etc).

Monthly analytics report

Annual digital marketing consultation 

Quarterly goal checks

Premium Add-Ons Avaialable


Website design, management and strategy | Monthly subscription with 18-month term.


$149 Set Up Fee

VIP Access

(Limited Availability)

Fully customized, professionally designed, business grade website based on chosen design, with unlimited pages and blog functionality; Eligible for choice of $0.00 site redesign (or credit toward add-ons) after (2) 18-month terms

Content, design and/or functionality updates: 60 minutes per month (advertising integration, adding pages, lead page, products/events/promotions/blog posts, etc.)

VIP customer support (with first of line priority): Get a call from Monica within two hours (during business hours).

Annual digital marketing consultation PLUS Monthly check-in call with goal checks

Monthly analytics report

Your Digital Marketing Pick: Quarterly digital graphics pack, promotional resources, digital marketing add-on credit, or email marketing newsletter design

Premium Add-Ons Avaialable


Web design, management, strategy, and digital marketing with VIP access | Limited to 5 Clients | Monthly subscription with 18-month term.


$149 Set Up Fee

Premium add-on features

Depending on your specific industry, there may be specific premium add-on features to help you better serve your audience. Contact us to discuss your specific needs!


Sell physical or digital products, manage your orders and fulfillment from your website; includes all you need to start selling.

Email Marketing Setup & Design

Account setup, list creation, campaign design, and automated welcome email setup.

Launch Pack

Digital graphic design pack- 10 social media images and Business card design (coordinated with brand style and website design)

Podcast Setup

Reach your listeners via the major podcast outlets; includes all you need for your podcast feed to show on Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Contact Monica for quotes.

Real Estate

So many options! Contact Monica for a quote specific to your need.

Events & Ticketing

So many options! Contact Monica for a quote specific to your need.

Custom Donations & Sponsorships

So many options! Contact Monica for a quote specific to your need.


Frequently Asked Questions

01. How much money does an outsourced professional save my business?

Let’s do the math:

  1. Website hosting- $$
  2. Email hosting- $
  3. Domain hosting and management- $
  4. Monthly technical maintenance- $$
  5. Monthly design and content edits- $$
  6. Digital marketing consultations- $$
  7.  Digital asset protection- $$$
  8. Confidence and peace of mind knowing that your online presence is representing well and growing your busines- $$$$$

02. How do subscription plans work?

Subscription web design offers a unique and beneficial approach to web design services.

We are creating ongoing partnerships with our clients, and in turn helping them create and maintain websites that truly reflect their businesses.

Scale Up Website Design & Management subscriptions run on an 18-month minimum commitment. At that completion of one 18-month term, similar to a “lease to own” agreement, the website is yours, and you are free to leave.

Our goal, though, is that you are thrilled with the high level of service we have provided and the product created, and you want to stay.

And of course, we want you to! So if you continue in your payments, after two terms (36 months), your site is eligible for an extensive redesign, at which time the payment clock resets and it’s like starting from zero.

In short:

  1. Complete one 18-month term, and the website is yours and you’re free to do with it what you wish.
  2. If you pay us for 36 months, we’ll redesign the website according to your wishes and the payment clock resets again. During that entire period, the website stays managed, up-to-date, and cared for.
  3. If you pay us forever, you’ll always have an amazing website, an amazing team there to support you when you need it, and you’ll be putting your best foot forward.

03. What do I get with my plan?

With the monthly website design and management plan, you not only have your web guru in your corner. There are a lot of ways that a fully outsourced option can improve not only your online presence, but the bottom line.

  1. Never be outdated. An outdated website unfortunately says a lot about the business it represents. With a variety of options for monthly content additions, you can make small updates and improvements on a regular basis, keeping your website fresh and relevant.
  2. Improve SEO through regular updating. Google rewards websites that are continuously adding content and keeping the site relevant for users. A static site runs the risk of losing its search ranking.
  3. Build your brand. Your digital marketing efforts require consistence across all channels, and keeping your brand’s promotional efforts working together grows organic traffic and brand reputability.
  4. Budget predictably. With no huge up-front design costs, it’s easier to manage the rest of your marketing budget once the largest piece- the online marketing platform- is a consistent monthly expense.
  5. Prevent security risks and online vulnerabilities. The hosting and maintenance plan offers secure website hosting, SSL, security scans, and optimization, which is an excellent insurance plan against digital attacks and hacking.
  6. Scale your business. By adding an outsourced web department, you’re essentially adding an off-site employee that doesn’t require the heft of a W2, benefits, and on-site business expenses. Have your own web guru without adding another hire!
  7. Cut 5+ budget items. With the one monthly investment of your Scale Up plan, you can eliminate your website hosting plan to the previous host, email hosting, domain hosting, digital marketing consultant fees, and upfront custom design fees.
  8. One less hat to wear. It’s pretty difficult to manage all the things. Off-load the tech worries to your off-site web manager.

    04. Is a Maintenance Plan Necessary?

    Because in the online marketplace, a website serves as the primary online foundation for all marketing endeavors, the answer is YES. A technical maintenance plan is vital for keeping a site functioning well, maintaining the searchability in search engines, and applying updates for greater functionality.

    Without proper attention, care, and technical maintenance, a website becomes vulnerable to hacking, performance issues, and ultimately has a negative effect on the business it represents.

    The saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” fits appropriately in regard to the value of proactively managing a website. It could be difficult to measure the value of loss when a site is hacked- loss of sales or conversions, decline in reputation and brand trust, not to mention the cost of repair and time needed to restore the site.  

        05. Will I own my site?

        Complete one 18-month term, and the website is 100% yours. At that time, similar to a “lease to own” agreement, the website is yours, and you are free to leave.

        Ideally, though, you are thrilled with the high level of service we have provided and the product created, and you want to stay.

        And of course, we want you to! So if you continue in your payments, after two terms (36 months), your site is eligible for an extensive redesign, at which time the payment clock resets and it’s like starting from zero.

        06. Can I switch or cancel my plan?

        Yes! You can upgrade at any time, with upgrades effective immediately. Cancellations are effective at the end of month. 

        07. Do you have a refund policy?

        Yes. When you sign a contract with us, there is a 30-day grace period with a money back guarantee for the first month’s fee. The one-time set-up fee is non-refundable, as the transferring to ScaleUp servers requires and investment of time and skill.

        08. When will my site be live?

        With our streamlined process, your site can be live within two to four weeks of completing the new site setup forms. 

        Because this process is highly customized to your brand, communication is KEY. To keep the timelines in place, timely collaboration is required.

        09. What if I already have hosting already?

        No problem! We migrate your site to our host servers, and get it all set up. Just like switching phone carriers, it’s not a big deal and in the process allows us to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s to be sure it’s set up to ensure your success.

        When we have full access to all the tech tools on our own turf, we can maintain your site in the best way possible.

        The same is true for your domain hosting. In some cases, however, when email accounts are already set up and it is beneficial to keep the email accounts as they are (and not migrate them), you may prefer to keep your domain where it is currently hosted. 

        ARE YOU over trying to do it all?

        Outsource the tech worries, and know that your off-site web department has it handled.