What does a Scale Up Plan Include?

Scale Up Your Biz

With the monthly website design and management plan, you not only have your web guru in your corner. There are a lot of ways that a fully outsourced option can improve not only your online presence, but also the bottom line.

  1. Never be outdated. An outdated website unfortunately says a lot about the business it represents. With a variety of options for monthly content additions, you can make small updates and improvements on a regular basis, keeping your website fresh and relevant. Plus, receive a $0.00 site redesign after (2) 18-month terms. It’s all included in the fixed monthly price, meaning your site will never be outdated.
  2. Improve SEO through regular updating. Google rewards websites that are continuously adding content and keeping the site relevant for users. A static site runs the risk of losing its search ranking.
  3. Build your brand. Your digital marketing efforts require consistence across all channels, and keeping your brand’s promotional efforts working together grows organic traffic and brand reputability.
  4. Budget predictably. With no huge up-front design costs, it’s easier to manage the rest of your marketing budget once the largest piece- the online marketing platform- is a consistent monthly expense.
  5. Prevent security risks and online vulnerabilities. The hosting and maintenance plan offers secure website hosting, SSL, security scans, and optimization, which is an excellent insurance plan against digital attacks and hacking.
  6. Scale your business. By adding an outsourced web department, you’re essentially adding an off-site employee that doesn’t require the heft of a W2, benefits, and on-site business expenses. Have your own web guru without adding another hire!
  7. Cut 5+ budget items. With the one monthly investment of your Scale Up plan, you can eliminate your website hosting plan to the previous host, email hosting, domain hosting, digital marketing consultant fees, and upfront custom design fees.
  8. One less hat to wear. It’s pretty difficult to manage all the things. Off-load the tech worries to your off-site web manager.

If you’ve got questions about which plan would work best for you, please give us a call or send us a message!

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